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Link to Talent-id 2015

Talent Identification is an important part of encouraging new participation in the sport of Freestyle aerials. This program could be your chance to become an Olympic champion. No prior skiing experience is required. Nearly all of the world’s top aerial skiers have an acrobatic background. Britain’s Richard Cobbing was the World Games Trampoline Champion before learning to ski.

The aerial skiing development program aims to provide a small number of athletes access to a high quality program. The skills an athlete possesses from prior diving or gymnastics training and competition experience will be enhanced and specialized by participating in aerial skiing. If you are successful you will be given the chance to turn your dreams into reality, representing Britain at World Cup/World Championship level and ultimately the Olympic Games.

This program is restricted to a small intake of athletes each year. Selection is based upon a range of factors including;

Age 14-17 years old

Gymnastics Career – acrobatic skill and competition experience

  • Coach recommendation
  • Personal commitment and motivation
  • Physical suitability

Important key factors to be a successful aerial skier:

  • A strong acrobatic background
  • Good training ethics, motivation and organisation

Strength, fitness and agility

  • No injuries; be recovered from any and all prior injuries
  • The ability to take direction and learn new things i.e. skiing and snow jumping
  • The ability to perform well under pressure
  • You do not need to have skied before

If you are into freestyle skiing, trampoline, gymnastics or diving and feel like some ‘extra adrenalin rush’ to add to your sport, get in touch – the next talent ID day is being planned already – so be part of it!


Emily Russell diving from 10m platform

Bobby Fiddaman on trampoline

Talent-id 2015