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Figures in brackets denote multiple events at the same venue in one year
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FIS World Ski Championship Results

Lloyd Wallace20Sierra NevadaSPAWorld Ski Championships2017
Lloyd Wallace15KreischbergAUTWorld Ski Championships2015
Elodie Wallace20KreischbergAUTWorld Ski Championships2015
Harry Gillam26Voss-MyrkadalenNORWorld Ski Championships2013
Lloyd Wallace28Voss-MyrkadalenNORWorld Ski Championships2013

FIS Junior World Ski Championship Results

Lloyd Wallace3ValmalencoITAWorld Junior Championships2015
Elodie Wallace13ValmalencoITAWorld Junior Championships2015
Elodie Wallace9ValmalencoITA World Junior Championships2014
Elodie Wallace8Chiesa in ValmalencoITAWorld Junior Championships2013
Lloyd Wallace8Chiesa in ValmalencoITAWorld Junior Championships2013
Lloyd Wallace12Chiesa in ValmalencoITAWorld Junior Championships2012

FIS World Cup Results

Lloyd Wallace23MoscowRUSWorld Cup2018
Lloyd Wallace19Secret GardenCHIWorld Cup2018
Lloyd Wallace10MinskBLRWorld Cup2017
Lloyd Wallace16Lake PlacidUSAWorld Cup2017
Lloyd Wallace7Deer ValleyUSAWorld Cup2016
Lloyd Wallace11Minsk/RaubichiBLRWorld Cup2015
Lloyd Wallace18Lake Placid (2)USAWorld Cup2015
Lloyd Wallace23Lake Placid (1)USAWorld Cup2015
Lloyd Wallace16BeijingCHNWorld Cup2015
Lloyd Wallace17BeijingCHNWorld Cup2015
Lloyd Wallace26Lake PlacidUSAWorld Cup2014
Harry Gillam31Lake PlacidUSAWorld Cup2014
Lloyd Wallace32Val Saint-CômeCANWorld Cup2014
Harry Gillam34Val Saint-CômeCANWorld Cup2014
Harry Gillam32Deer ValleyUSAWorld Cup2014
Harry Gillam32BeijingCHNWorld Cup2014
Lloyd Wallace36BeijingCHNWorld Cup2014
Harry Gillam24Beida LakeCHNWorld Cup2014
Lloyd Wallace17BukovelUKRWorld Cup2013
Harry Gillam27Lake Placid, NY (2)USAWorld Cup2013
Harry Gillam30SochiRUSWorld Cup2013
Harry Gillam30Lake Placid, NY (1)USAWorld Cup2013
Tim Lever31Deer Valley, UtahUSAWorld Cup2013

FIS Europa Cup Results

Lloyd Wallace8RukaFINEuropa Cup2018
Lloyd Wallace10RukaFINEuropa Cup2017
Lloyd Wallace6ValmalencoITAEuropa Cup2015
Elodie Wallace16ValmalencoITAEuropa Cup2015
Lloyd Wallace2Valmalenco (1)ITAEuropa Cup2015
Elodie Wallace13Valmalenco (1)ITAEuropa Cup2015
Lloyd Wallace1Airolo (2)SUIEuropa Cup2015
Elodie Wallace6Airolo (2)SUIEuropa Cup2015
Lloyd Wallace9Airolo (1)SUIEuropa Cup2015
Elodie Wallace6Airolo (1)SUIEuropa Cup2015
Elodie Wallace5Raubichi (2)BLREuropa Cup2015
Elodie Wallace9Raubichi (1)BLREuropa Cup2015
Lloyd Wallace8RukaFINEuropa Cup2015
Elodie Wallace13ValmalencoITAEuropa Cup2014
Elodie Wallace6AiroloSUIEuropa Cup2014
Lloyd Wallace12Ruka (2)FINSuper Continental Cup2014
Lloyd Wallace22Ruka (1)FINSuper Continental Cup2014
Elodie Wallace11Valmalenco (2)ITAEuropa Cup2013
Lloyd Wallace12Valmalenco (2)ITAEuropa Cup2013
Elodie Wallace7Valmalenco (1)ITAEuropa Cup2013
Lloyd Wallace15Valmalenco (1)ITAEuropa Cup2013
Elodie Wallace10Airolo (2)SUIEuropa Cup2013
Elodie Wallace6Airolo (1)SUIEuropa Cup2013
Lloyd Wallace23Ruka (1)FINEuropa Cup2013
Lloyd Wallace25Ruka (2)FINEuropa Cup2013
Lloyd Wallace13Meiringen-HaslibergSUIEuropa Cup2012
Lloyd Wallace14Bukovel (2)UKREuropa Cup2012
Tim Lever15Bukovel (1)UKREuropa Cup2012
Lloyd Wallace12Ruabichi (1)BLREuropa Cup2012
Tim Lever19Bukovel (2)UKREuropa Cup2012
Lloyd Wallace22RukaFINEuropa Cup2012
Lloyd Wallace11Ruabichi (2)BLREuropa Cup2012
Lloyd Wallace17Bukovel (1)UKREuropa Cup2012
Lloyd Wallace17Minsk/Raubichi (1)BLREuropa Cup2011
Lloyd Wallace13Minsk/Raubichi (2)BLREuropa Cup2011
Lloyd Wallace12Meiringen-HaslibergSUIEuropa Cup2011

FIS Nor-Am Cup Results

Harry Gillam7Park City, Utah (4)USANor-Am Cup2013
Harry Gillam13Val St. Côme (2)CANNor-Am Cup2013
Harry Gillam13Val St. Côme (1)CANNor-Am Cup2013
Harry Gillam13Park City, Utah (5)USANor-Am Cup2013
Harry Gillam14Park City, Utah (2)USANor-Am Cup2013
Harry Gillam15Park City, Utah (3)USANor-Am Cup2013
Tim Lever16Park City, Utah (2)USANor-Am Cup2013
Tim Lever18Park City, Utah (1)USANor-Am Cup2013
Harry Gillam21Park City, Utah (1)USANor-Am Cup2013
Harry Gillam11Val St. Côme (1)CANNor-Am Cup2012
Harry Gillam11Park City, Utah (5)USANor-Am Cup2012
Harry Gillam11Park City, Utah (4)USANor-Am Cup2012
Harry Gillam12Park City, Utah (3)USANor-Am Cup2012
Harry Gillam16Park City, Utah (2)USANor-Am Cup2012
Harry Gillam17Park City, Utah (1)USANor-Am Cup2012
Harry Gillam9Val St. Côme (2)CANNor-Am Cup2012
Tim Lever12Park City, Utah (1)USANor-Am Cup2011
Tim Lever11Park City, Utah (2)USANor-Am Cup2011

British Results on Water Ramp

Lloyd Wallace7MinskBLRFIS Championships2016
Lloyd Wallace12MettmenstettenSUIFIS Worldmasters2016
Lloyd Wallace7MettmenstettenSUIFIS Worldmasters2015
Elodie Wallace9MettmenstettenSUIFIS Worldmasters2015
Harry Gillam8CNYEAL Lac BeauportCANFestival Acrobatx2014
Lloyd Wallace14CNYEAL Lac BeauportCANFestival Acrobatx2014
Elodie Wallace12MettmenstettenSUIFIS World Masters2014
Harry Gillam15MettmenstettenSUIFIS World Masters2014
Lloyd Wallace16MettmenstettenSUIFIS World Masters2014
Elodie Wallace13StityCZEFIS International2014
Lloyd Wallace14MettmenstettenSUIFIS International2013
Elodie Wallace7MettmenstettenSUIFIS International2013
Elodie Wallace1MettmenstettenSUIFIS Junior2013
Harry Gillam7Utah Olympic Park, UtahUSAFIS Race (W/R)2012
Tim Lever8Utah Olympic Park, UtahUSAFIS Race (W/R)2012
Tim Lever9Utah Olympic Park, UtahUSAFIS Race (W/R)2011
Harry Gillam10Utah Olympic Park, UtahUSAFIS Race (W/R)2011
Harry Gillam17MetmenstettenSUIFIS Race (W/R)2010
* Denotes new Championship format – scored from 1 jump