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Lloyd Wallace

People think aerials looks a bit extreme. It is. That’s why we do it.

Lloyd bronze at Freestyle World Junior Champs

British Team

D.O.B: 1995

FIS Ranking: 34

World Cup Ranking List: 24

Biggest Jump: Lay Double-Full Full

Degree of Difficulty: 4.175

Competing Since: 2011

Coaches: Michel Roth, Nicolas Fontaine, Robin Wallace

Ski Career Highlights: 7th Place World Cup, Deer Valley, USA Feb 2016 1st Place, Europa Cup, Airolo March 2015 2nd Place, Europa Cup, Valmalenco March 2015 2nd Position 2015 Europa Cup Overall standings 15th World Championships, Kreischberg, Austria January 2015 3 x Top 18 results in 2015 World Cup tour. 7th Senior Worldmasters, Mettmenstetten CH, 2014

Goals: To go all the way!

Hobbies: Trampolining, Tennis, Rugby

Music: Indie Rock

Occupation: Full Time Student

School: University of Bath

Languages: English, French, German, Italian

Born: Southampton

Home: Shaftesbury, Wiltshire

Ski Club: Ski Club of Great Britain

Water Ramps: Jumpin’, Switzerland. Lac Beauport, Quebec

Lloyd had an awesome Summer and Autumn 2016 training with the Swiss National Teams on the water-ramps near Zurich. He has taken his triple somersaults to a new level with both triple and quadruple twisting variations. This will enable him to cement his transition into the senior circuit where he needs to perform triples every week on the World Cup winter circuit. He achieved Britain’s best World Cup result since 1995 at the World Cup Deer Valley in February making finals for the second and nailing a triple triple to take 7th place.

For his last appearance at the Junior World Championships in 2015, he performed double-full full and full double-full, 2 types of triple twisting doubles. His hard work paid off when he took the bronze medal and third place at the 2015 Junior World Championships in Valmalenco, Italy.

These two jumps also gave him Britain’s first ever Europa Cup gold medal in March 2015 in Airolo, Switzerland. He followed this up with a silver one week later in Valmalenco, Italy and finished 2nd in the Overall season rankings.

He is currently studying a degree in Sports Performance at University of Bath. It is a perfect environment for working on strength and conditioning alongside athletes and champions from many different sports.

Lloyd, a former county gymnast from Shaftesbury in Wiltshire has been skiing since he was five years old. He has a natural talent for aerials which is probably inherited from his parents, Robin Wallace and Jilly Curry, who both previously competed for Great Britain.

In August Lloyd demonstrated he could compete with the big boys at the FIS Worldmasters, Switzerland 2016, taking 12th place in the senior event.

Without any national funding the aerial budget is currently zero for 2017. Lloyd is desperately trying to find a sponsor to enable him to compete the 2017 World Cup tour where he hopes to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Figures in brackets denote multiple events at the same venue in one year

* Denotes new Championship format – scored from 1 jump

World Cup Results - Lloyd Wallace

DateVenueNationCategoryPositionJump 1Jump 2Total
04 February 2016Deer ValleyUSAWorld Cup7104.37113.97*113.97
01 March 2015Minsk/RaubichiBLRWorld Cup1192.770.85*70.85*
31 January 2015Lake Placid (2)USAWorld Cup1891.35*91.35*
30 January 2015Lake Placid (1)USAWorld Cup2368.60*68.60*
21 December 2014BeijingCHNWorld Cup1690.3090.30*
20 December 2014BeijingCHNWorld Cup1781.5581.55*
18 January 2014Lake PlacidUSAWorld Cup2683.89*83.89*
14 January 2014Val Saint-CômeCANWorld Cup3254.28*54.28*
22 December 2013BeijingCHNWorld Cup3674.2440.63114.87
23 February 2013BukovelUKRWorld Cup1774.97*74.97*

Europa Cup Results - Lloyd Wallace

DateVenueNationCategoryPositionJump 1Jump 2Total
21 March 2015Valmalenco (2)ITAEuropa Cup693.4185.30178.71
20 March 2015Valmalenco (1)ITAEuropa Cup290.2490.24180.48
15 March 2015Airolo (2)SUIEuropa Cup193.4196.58189.99
14 March 2015Airolo (1)SUIEuropa Cup991.6564.50156.15
06 December 2014RukaFINEuropa Cup878.8885.05163.93
21 March 2014ValmalencoITAEuropa Cup1678.8155.44134.25
16 March 2014AiroloSUIEuropa Cup1351.6682.07133.73
15 March 2014AiroloSUIEuropa Cup1360.4860.48
6 December 2013Ruka (2)FINSuper Continental Cup1272.4575.39147.84
5 December 2013Ruka (1)FINSuper Continental Cup2262.0554.52116.57
23 March 2013ValmalencoITAEuropa Cup1264.3885.05149.43
22 March 2013ValmalencoITAEuropa Cup1542.9269.30112.22
17 December 2012Ruka (2)FINEuropa Cup2356.3874.82131.20
16 December 2012Ruka (1)FINEuropa Cup2568.1562.37130.52
18 February 2012Minsk/Raubichi (2)BLREuropa Cup1175.6968.38144.07
17 February 2012Minsk/Raubichi (1)BLREuropa Cup1272.7951.48124.27
12 February 2012Bukovel (2)UKREuropa Cup1450.1856.58106.76
11 February 2012Bukovel (1)UKREuropa Cup1744.7252.8997.61
7 January 2012Meiringen-HaslibergSUIEuropa Cup1354.5155.76110.27
27 February 2011Minsk/Raubichi (2)BLREuropa Cup17RNS57.7357.73
26 February 2011Minsk/Raubichi (1)BLREuropa Cup1355.1557.96113.105
8 January 2011Meiringen-HaslibergSUIEuropa Cup1255.5629.2184.77
11 December 2011RukaFINEuropa Cup2242.51*42.51*

Championship Results - Lloyd Wallace

DateVenueNationCategoryPositionJump 1Jump 2Total
17 September 2016MinskBLRWater Ramp Championships Final7109.38110,22219.50
21 August 2016MettmenstettenSUIWorldmasters1292.93*102.87*195.80*
24 March 2015ValmalencoITAWorld Junior Championships396.2394.47190.70
15 January 2015KreischbergAUTWorld Ski Championships1593.4181.0793.41*
17 August 2014MettmenstettenSUIWorld Masters FIS792.61*96.52*186.82*
25 August 2013CYNEAL Lac Beauport (W/R)CANFestival Acrobatx1452.2684.60136.86
18 August 2013MettmenstettenSUIWorld Masters FIS1680.0276.83156.85
26 March 2013Chiesa in ValmalencoITAWorld Junior Championships875.4073.39148.79
6 March 2013Voss-MyrkadalenNORWorld Ski Championships2842.2134.8077.01
19 August 2012MettmenstettenSUIWorld Masters FIS1479.07*79.07*
21 March 2012ValmalencoITAWorld Junior Championships1255.9761.23117.20