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Harry Gillam

Taking a year out from competing this winter and I’m looking forward to having a bit of fun!”

British Team (retired 2014)

D.O.B: 1991

FIS Ranking: 65

World Ranking List: 41

Biggest Jump: Lay-doubleFull-Full

Degree of Difficulty: 4.175

Competing Since: 2007

Coaches: Matt Saunders, Sharlee Holland, Zac Amidan

Ski Career Highlights: 8th CYNEAL Mondial AcrobatX Festival 2013 Quad front flip for charity

Goals: Olympics contender and World Cup podium challenger

Hobbies: Diving, Climbing, Indoor Sky Diving

Music: Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, Jay-Z

Occupation: Full Time Athlete

Languages: English

Born: Epsom, Surrey

Home: Bolton

Ski Club: Fly Freestyle

Water Ramps:

Park City, Utah. Lac Beauport, Quebec. Jumpin’, Switzerland

Harry was based out of Park City, Utah and competed on the World Cup circuit, targeting selection for Sochi Olympic Games. The 2014 winter season kicked off with the two World Cup competitions in China in December; the one in Beijing to be held in the Birds Nest Stadium “What an awesome venue; I’m stoked to be part of this World Cup competition”

Aerials is an extreme sport combining skills in trampoline, gymnastics and skiing that provides Harry with the best of all worlds. Harry moved to be based in Park City Utah USA, one of the extreme sports capitals in the world; he now is able to be a full time athlete training at the Utah Olympic Park. Last year (2013) was his first season competing on the World Cup circuit.

Being able to do such an extreme sport full time is amazing but the best part of our job is when we go home safe without injury so we can jump another day.

After spending this summer training at the Utah Olympic Park, Harry has qualified more twisting triples to compete on snow this winter. The two competitions on the water ramps this summer gave Harry the chance to put into practice his new tricks; he stomped it at the Mondial Festival AcrobatX performing a triple twisting triple back Lay-doubleFull-Full with a solid score of 108.96.

In his dry land training both in the USA and UK he focuses on strength and conditioning and injury prevention. Along with training in the gym, he has trampoline training focusing on bio mechanics and his Sports Science support is delivered at Manchester, Liverpool and Loughborough universities.

Harry cross-trains into multiple different sports; in the UK he is learning Skydiving and spends his free time in the wind tunnel at Airkix with his brother and nephew. He is also expanding his coaching qualifications in swimming, diving and trampoline coaching. In the USA he is taking his Aerials coaching qualifications under the USSA system and he’ll be spending more time with his feet off the ground on the climbing walls of a new centre in Park City.

Harry believes in supporting youngsters in sport and whenever possible he helps at The Factory Youth Zone Manchester and the 2K Performance ski club based at Rossendale ski slope.

“We should encourage and motivate the youngsters coming through as they are the future of our sport which is really important.”

Harry would like to give a big “SHOUT OUT!” to his sponsors for their support. Please take the time to visit them.

Results - Harry Gillam

DateVenueNationCategoryPositionJump 1Jump 2Score
18 January 2014Lake PlacidUSAWorld Cup3160.80*60.80*
14 January 2014Val Saint-CômeCANWorld Cup3430.02*30.02*
10 January 2014Deer ValleyUSAWorld Cup3265.1074.86139.96
22 December 2013BeijingCHNWorld Cup3275.2575.28150.53
15 December 2013Beida LakeCHNWorld Cup2483.65*83.65*
25 August 2013CYNEAL Lac Beauport (W/R)CANFestival Acrobatx (W/R)8106.88108.96215.84
18 August 2013MettmenstettenSUIFIS World Masters (W/R)1565.1079.80144.90
6 March 2013Voss-MyrkadalenNORWorld Ski Championships2652.2966.06118.35
23 February 2013Val St Côme (2)CANNor-Am Cup1363.94*63.94*
21 February 2013Val St Côme (1)CANNor-Am Cup1351.9163.63115.54
17 February 2013SochiRUSWorld Cup3058.16*58.16*
09 February 2013Park City, Utah (4)USANor-Am Cup13
08 February 2013Park City, Utah (5)USANor-Am Cup771.1977.14148.33
07 February 2013Park City, Utah (3)USANor-Am Cup1548.5178.59127.10
19 January 2013Lake Placid, NY (2)USAWorld Cup2772.45*72.45*
18 January 2013Lake Placid, NY (1)USAWorld Cup3070.87*70.87*
22 December 2012Park City, Utah (2)USANor-Am Cup1470.18*70.18*
21 December 2012Park City, Utah (1)USANor-Am Cup2171.9251.34123.26
25 March 2012Stratton, VTUSAUS Nationals2153.39DNS53.39
25 February 2012Val St Côme (2)CANNor-Am Cup953.5069.03122.53
24 February 2012Val St Côme (1)CANNor-Am Cup1163.3671.11134.47
10 February 2012Park City, Utah (5)USANor-Am Cup1156.55*56.55*
09 February 2012Park City, Utah (4)USANor-Am Cup1147.5661.75109.31
08 February 2012Park City, Utah (3)USANor-Am Cup1252.3465.78118.12
22 December 2011Park City, Utah (2)USANor-Am Cup1653.65*53.65*
21 December 2011Park City, Utah (1)USANor-Am Cup1762.0652.39114.45
30 July 2011Utah Olympic Park, UtahUSAFIS Race (W/R)778.88*64.57*64.57*
31 July 2010Utah Olympic Park, UtahUSAFIS Race (W/R)10n/an/a67.60
16 August 2009MetmenstettenSUIFIS Race (W/R)17n/an/a49.41
18 February 2007Meiringen-Hasliberg (2)SUIEuropa Cup8n/an/a108.15
17 February 2007Meiringen-Hasliberg (1)SUIEuropa Cup15n/an/a114.81
Figures in brackets denote multiple events at the same venue in one year

* Denotes new Championship format – scored from 1 jump