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The British Aerial Team budget for 2015 was zero, the same as it has been for 4 years. Clearly without funds we cannot run any programmes or employ coaching staff and all team members are self funded. This normally means compromised training and competition schedules.

In 2015 we achieved 6 top 20 results at World Cup and World Championships and 5 top 6 results at Europa Cup, with junior athletes. Lloyd Wallace won a Europa Cup. We are confident we can continue to move up the rankings. Without any training facilities in UK the athletes need to spend a lot of time abroad and train with international teams.

We are desperately looking for sponsorship or funding to help cover the costs. Please get in contact if you might be able to help.

We have launched an appeal to get the team some support for 2016. Funding Appeal 2016

Aerials is highly photogenic and photos and videos in press and media are frequent and widely seen. One video of Lloyd Wallace jumping in the Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing has been viewed 90,000 times with 242 Facebook shares. The team are able to carry branding on their uniform and helmets and would be professional ambassadors in representing a sponsor.

Britain on topWith a little help we can get Britain on the podium at top level