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Elodie Wallace

Some days I’m a little scared but other days I feel crazy and indestructible. I think a bit of both is useful.


British Aerial Ski Team

England A-Team 2015

D.O.B: 1997

FIS Ranking: 44

Biggest Jump: doubleFull

Degree of Difficulty: 2.675

Competing Since: 2012

Coach: Manuella Muller

Ski Career Highlights: 8th and 9th place at Junior World Championships. 5th Europa Cup, Belarus 2015. 6th Europa Cup, Airolo, 2014

Goals: Podium at Junior World Champs

Hobbies: Trampolining, Tennis, Hockey

Music: Indie Rock

Occupation: Full Time Student

School: King’s Bruton, Somerset

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Born: Salisbury

Home: Shaftesbury, Wiltshire

Ski Club: Ski Club of Great Britain

Water Ramps:

Lac Beauport, Quebec. Jumpin’, Switzerland. Stity, Czechoslovakia

Elodie is the youngest member of the Wallace freestyle family. Brother Lloyd is a World Cup aerialist, mum Jilly is a 3x World Cup winner and dad Robin is a former professional freestyler and long time freestyle coach.

Elodie is a former county gymnast and has been skiing since she went to school in La Clusaz, France when she was 3. She is now at School in Bruton, Somerset. When at home in Wiltshire she has the opportunity to practice on the trampoline in her garden which has an elastic bungee rig.

Elodie got off to a good start by winning the first junior competition she entered on the water-ramp in 2012. Since then she has had a 6th place in Europa Cups in 2013 and 2014 and has twice been top 10 at Junior World Championships. She has maintained a top 50 world ranking since she was 16.

For 2015 Elodie is proud and excited to be the only non-Swiss girl to be invited to live and train with the Swiss Junior Team. In 2015 she will spend time with them at their permanent training base in Airolo joining in with snow jumping, fitness and cross-training. In the summer she will again spend time at their water-ramp facility in Mettmenstetten, near Zurich.

Off the snow Elodie likes kitesurfing, tennis, and hockey. Her friends think she is a loony, but she can’t see that.

Elodie would like to thank her sponsors for their support. Please take the time to visit them.

Abbey View Physiotherapy Shaftesbury

Figures in brackets denote multiple events at the same venue in one year

* Denotes new Championship format – scored from 1 jump

Europa Cup Results - Elodie Wallace

DateVenueNationCategoryPositionJump 1Jump 2Total
21 March 2015Valmalenco (2)ITAEuropa Cup1653.7149.60103.31
20 March 2015Valmalenco (1)ITAEuropa Cup1348.8046.9495.74
14 March 2015Airolo (1)SUIEuropa Cup655.4057.40112.80
31 January 2015Raubichi (2)BLREuropa Cup552.8944.4097.29
30 January 2015Raubichi (1)BLREuropa Cup950.8434.0084.84
21 March 2014ValmalencoITAEuropa Cup1354.1246.00 100.12
15 March 2014AiroloSUIEuropa Cup658,22 58,22
23 March 2013Valmalenco (2)ITAEuropa Cup1151.4050.63102.03
22 March 2013Valmalenco (1)ITAEuropa Cup751.0052.68103.68
17 March 2013Airolo (2)SUIEuropa Cup1049.8029.7379.53
16 March 2013Airolo (1)SUIEuropa Cup645.8055.97101.77

Championship Results - Elodie Wallace

DateVenueNationCategoryPositionJump 1Jump 2Total
24 March 2015ValmalencoITAWorld Junior Championships1352.9055.35108.25
14 January 2015KreischbergAUTWorld Ski Championships2048.5051.6651.66*
17 August 2014MettmenstettenSUIFIS WorldMasters Water-Ramp952.2154.3354.33*
25 March 2014ValmalencoITAWorld Junior Championships953.71*51.45*
10 August 2013StityCZEInternational Water-Ramp1355.656.58112.18
26 March 2013Chiesa in ValmalencoITAWorld Junior Championships854.0042.4396.43
19 August 2012MettmenstettenSUIFIS Junior Water-Ramp151.8055.35107.15
19 August 2012MettmenstettenSUIFIS WorldMasters Water-Ramp757.20*57.20*
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