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British Aerial Skiing Funding Appeal 2016

What is it?
An appeal to raise funds.  This can be public funding, private funding, charity, grants or sponsorship.
What is it for?
The funding will be used for training, attending aerial events, equipments and coaching.
What is the current level of funding?
The team budget has been zero since 2011
How good are the team?
Actually very good.  Our men’s and women’s team are regularly in the top 20 at World level and top 10 at Europa Cup level.  In 2015 Lloyd Wallace became the first British aerialist ever to win a Europa Cup.  Elodie took a 5th place.  Both of these competition as juniors in a senior event.
Is Britain able to win medals in aerials?
Yes, aerials is Britain’s most successful skiing discipline with 16 World Cup medals.
Are the current team worth supporting?
Very much so; Lloyd and Elodie Wallace are 20 and 18 and are already at World level and have brought home international medals.  The Olympic Games in 2018 and 2022 are clear targets.
How can I help?
Talk to us with any ideas or proposals: