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What is aerials?

It’s the most spectacular high-flying, fast-spinning action you’ll ever see on the mountain. Take a look at this video.

In 2011 the British squad consisted of just three skiers, Tim, Harry and Lloyd, designated by the governing body of British Ski & Snowboard (BSS) as the ‘Development Squad’. In 2012/2013 the squad grew to five skiers, with the addition of two girls, Elodie and Emily, both determined to show they have what it takes to succeed in aerials and get to the very top.

It’s awesome

There has always been a ‘free’ element in any aspect of skiing, from deciding which line to take down the slope or which bump to jump off. Aerial skiing takes that to a whole new level as the most spectacular of snowsports! It’s the ultimate test when it comes to mastering the mountain and defying the laws of nature. Impressing the judges whilst harnessing the speed needed to launch into the air and complete complex somersaults with multiple twists culminating in a perfect landing is no mean feat…but our skiers are experts at making it look effortless.

It looks impossible

Looks can be deceiving. It may look almost impossible to the casual observer viewing aerials for the first time, but there is plenty of preparation that goes into those effortless performances by the skiers. Throughout the year, the athletes hone their skills on trampoline and practice on the water ramp during the summer months. Once their skills are perfected, they are ready to hit the snow, jumping from huge snow ramps called ‘Kickers’, providing us all with thrilling performances that amaze onlookers. Remarkably, it’s much safer than it looks!

Great Britain has some promising young athletes who are already showing the world how dedicated and talented they really are. Combining their skiing abilities with amazing acrobatic skills, these youngsters are determined to succeed and are well on their way to being ranked amongst the best in the world. With the Sochi-2014 Winter Olympic Games just around the corner, our athletes are hoping to qualify for their chance on the World’s biggest stage.