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Posted on 9 September 2016

The Incredible Minsk Indoor Water Ramp Complex

The Incredible Minsk Indoor Water Ramp Complex

The weekend of 16/17th September will see Lloyd Wallace take part in the last of this summer’s World Series of aerial skiing. The venue for this final is the amazing new aerial training centre in Minsk, Belarus and the only indoor water-ramp in the world.

Built at a cost of around £30 million the facility provides the Belarussian Team the unique advantage of being able to train all year round. The lavish facility has 3 ramps for single, double and triple somersaults. It also has a diving center, water slides, saunas public pools and restaurant and bar.


Aerials is Belarus’ most successful sport with Olympic medals in the last 5 Winter Games (see below), so unsurprisingly their champion skiers are well known to the public and are certainly well supported.

Lloyd said “I’m really looking forward to the trip as Belarus is somewhere you might never go. It is impressive to see how successful their aerials programme has been given that this is a flat country with less skiing than Britain.”

Lloyd will be looking to perform two triple somersaults with three and four twists and for the first time ever there is no chance of delay or cancellation due to bad weather.


Belarus Winter Olympic record in aerial skiing
1998 Nagano (Dashinski: Bronze)
2002 Salt Lake City (Grishin: Bronze)
2006 Turin (Dashinski: Silver)
2010 Vancouver (Grishin: Gold)
2014 Sochi (Tsuper: Gold, Kushnir: Gold)

Further info on the water-ramp :