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Posted on 21 December 2014

Beijing Day 2 – 16th Place for Lloyd

Beijing Day 2 – 16th Place for Lloyd

He thought it couldn’t go much better after his surprise 17th place yesterday so with nothing to lose Lloyd went fast and huge off the 4.6M triple kicker and did the biggest lay-tuck-full he has done so far. “I kicked out of the tuck and stretched the full-out all the way to a sweet landing. It felt really good.” The judges agreed with scores ranging 8.3 to 8.9 giving him a personal best of 90.3 and a rewarding 16th place.

There was a new team event format, requiring the formation of a 3 person mixed sex team. Lloyd had formed a team with Swiss teammate Dimi Isler and Australian Renee McElduff. Between them they had jumped 8 somersaults and 6 twists with a combined score of 238.03, but their 11th place didn’t qualify them for the top-6 only final.

The day was again won by the excellent home team Zongyang/Mengtao/Guangpu, with Russia 2nd and Belarus 3rd.

Qualification results
Team Event Finals

Mich Lloyd Dimi

Swiss super-coach Mich Roth with Lloyd and Dimitri Isler (SUI) in front of the huge triple kicker in Beijing