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Posted on 9 February 2012

Utah Nor-Am Aerials 1

Utah Nor-Am Aerials 1

The first of 3 Nor-Am Cups took place yesterday using a two-jump format. In the women’s event first place went to Kiley McKinnon (USA) who jumped a good single back full and a very high scoring lay-tuck. Maddy Olson (USA) was 2nd and was the only girl jumping two doubles, 3rd place went to Australia’s Renee McElduff.

In the men’s event USA took the top six places, the top four were the only guys jumping triples. 1st placed was Nevin Brown with Lay-Full-Full and Full-Full-Full, 2nd place went to Jonathon Lillis who performed the same jumps and 3rd placed Alex Bowen took the last step on the podium with Lay-Tuck-Full and Lay-Full-Full.

Britain’s Harry Gillam was 12th – he scored a healthy 66 points on his Lay-Tuck and was heading for a top 10 placing but was let down by a less elegant Lay-Full than he had hoped for. There is another event today (9th) and a third event tomorrow.

Full results from FIS website:

Ladies Results
Men’s Results