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Posted on 14 December 2012

Inspiring a generation

Inspiring a generation

An amazing performance was put together by the young people of the Manchester Factory Youth Zone for the Official Opening for the Sponsors last week. At the beginning people said that the project couldn’t be done and that the young people in the area wouldn’t come to the youth zone, but so far over 2000 young people have proved them all wrong! The youth zone was open for the evening for the young people to enjoy the activities and show the sponsors how good it is to have this amazing place.

I teamed up again with trampoline coach and stunt woman Amy Trow to work with the trampoline club to give a demonstration of the opportunities that the club can offer. The trampoline group did really well and have made a great start. It will be good to see them now support their trampoline skills by taking part in the fitness gym, mountain biking and climbing as it all works together! A big part of the evening was the performance by the dance and music group Fac 9; they were awesome and took a well-deserved standing ovation! Its great to see the enthusiasm the staff and volunteers put into this place and they really make it work for everyone – they see that everyone has something in them that they can develop and they support them 110%.

It’s important we encourage young people in sport and to use it to change their lives.

It has been great to have the chance to work with the staff and to support the start of the trampoline group. I’m looking forward to continuing this start when I’m back after the winter season. It’s important that we encourage the young people in sport and to use it to change their lives. It’s also important that other sports have links with the youth zones and athletes who are at elite level in sport should try to support the youngsters, as they are the future. I was pleased that the youth zone has already put skiing on their list of activities that the members want to do and I hope that my work with them is just the start of things to come. Hopefully by the time I am back the Factory will also have a ski group! It’s been a privilege to spend time with the young people and staff at the Factory. Guys and girls of the Factory you are awesome!