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Posted on 14 December 2012

Harry goes back to his roots

Harry goes back to his roots

Fun, awesome and everything it should be! Is how I’d describe the ski training session that I shared with the youngsters of the 2K Performance Club at Ski Rossendale this week as they continued their foundation phase of training in preparation for the summer dry slope season. For me it was back to my roots with both the Coaches and also the slope; happy memories from all the time I spent there when I was younger… sleet rain and sunshine, we skied it all.

Sport is motivational and inspirational and we should use it!

Its was so good to spend time with the guys and girls and let them see that with a lot of hard work and determination you can be whatever you want to be. I was able to keep my sports and training wide-based when I was younger and took the opportunity to try any sport or activity that I could. You don’t need all new kit to try things out, I started with a passed down skate board, bike and roller blades from my older brothers. The gear might not have had street cred but it didn’t matter, it got me going! I made the opportunities happen to do some trampoline, diving, jujitsu, climbing, football, badminton or squash. I did as much as I could until I had to choose which sports to move forwards with. Always remember “Try it! Like it! And do some more!”

It’s important to me that as you move up the performance pathway as an athlete, you don’t forget your roots. Supporting the youngsters that are coming through is important as they are the future of skiing, no matter what discipline.

To all the guys and girls at 2K Performance club, let me say you are doing great, keep working at it and have a great season! I will be keeping in touch with your coaches to be seeing how you are all doing and you can also follow me this winter on the competition circuit here or on Facebook. I will be back to do some more sessions with you after this winter season. I say to you guys and girls: