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Posted on 14 December 2012

Blackburn Youth Zone

Blackburn Youth Zone

I followed up my visit to see the Factory Youth Zone in Manchester, with a trip to the Blackburn Youth Zone and met another awesome group of kids. I was given a tour of the centre by a Young Leader called Nathan, which was inspirational in itself as he is so tuned into what the centre can do for the youngsters and is learning leadership skills already. As the youth zone here is still developing they haven’t managed to get a trampoline club up and running yet but we will work with them to make it happen. So… no big deal, as this centre has so much to offer the young people of Blackburn and it was hard to choose what to join in with. I eventually chose to help in the fitness gym offering the senior youngsters the chance to ‘train with an athlete’ on their home patch.

Blackburn Youth Zone rocks! Thanks for the invite

Just to be with the young people encouraging them to use fitness to improve all aspects of their lives is great. Being able to talk to them and listen to their stories and support them in making a start in fitness and sports, which will help to change their lives is so worthwhile. These young people deserve opportunities and the chance to try as many different sports as they can and its great that top of their ‘want to do’ list, is to learn to ski. We will help link them up with skiing and snowboarding as soon as we can.

At this centre they have state of the art facilities for music and media as well as sports and an amazing group of volunteers and staff who put so much time into this place, just so the kids have more activities and sports to choose from!

I joined Cheick the gym coach, for the senior session and had a great time making new friends and hopefully putting a different face on fitness and training for them all. Helping to deliver the message that fitness is for everyone, but to take it easy and not to rush the exercises but enjoy them. Helping them to understand that they will feel the difference if they work hard in the sessions, listen to the coach and get into the gym twice in a week on a regular basis. During the session I met another young aspiring athlete, Tom Nutley who comes to the Youth Zone but is also training as a Figure Skater and targeting the 2018 Olympics. Good luck with your training and competitions Tom. I hope that you make it and I see you there!

I enjoyed all the time I had here and will be back again after the winter and hope to see their trampoline club up and running by then, as well as the guys in the gym fitter and stronger. A special shout out to Ish (Activity Youth Leader), Nathan and Tayyib (Young Leaders). Remember ‘Sport can Change Lives!’